Graduate Advisors

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Why be a Graduate Advisor?
1. Giving Back to the Program
2. Being Part of the Magic Show
3. Mentoring the Next Generation
4. Professional/Career Opportunities
5. Be Part of a Family

gaServing YIG’s Next Generation

Graduates of Youth In Government, from Freshmen in college through those who long ago left the program behind, have come together in a commitment to providing a quality experience for all future YIG delegates.

While the program continues to grow and expand, Graduate Advisors (GA) have long been responsible for continuing the proud traditions of servant leadership and mentoring that Youth In Government has always offered. By providing the support and guidance necessary to plan and execute YIG’s various events – Fall District Conferences, State Assembly, Jr. Assembly, Service Rallies, Leadership Trainings, etc., each member of the GA group works behind the scene to ensure that each generation has a meaningful experience.

State Assembly provides the GA group with more than three days of long hours, inside jokes, late nights, hilarious stories, and very little sleep. Rookies and Vets share the workload to pull off a successful event and have direct impact on every aspect of the Assembly – from the Governor’s Ball to awards selection.

The spring and summer months present time to re-group, reflect, and prepare for the next year. All input and suggestions are reviewed and appropriate changes are made.

Think you’re cut out for this group? We welcome all dedicated YIG grads to join our ranks!

Questions about the GA Program?  Please contact us,