Program Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it.  What others have to say about their YIG experience.

“YMCA Youth In Government fosters those leadership qualities which are necessary for their future successes – dedication, commitment, compromise, and respect.  I know first hand, I participated in the program when I was in high school and it lit the fire of my desire to become a legislator.”    – The Honorable Dennis A. Ross,  U.S. House of Representatives

“Through YIG I learned that criticism could truly be constructive.” – Caitlin Gross

“Youth In Government made me more confident with myself and my abilities, a better public speaker, and I created friendships well beyond the confines of my local chapter.”  – Lauren Robertson

“While the name Youth in Government brings to mind two sides stubbornly arguing their point, this program is far from that. It allows student to voice their opinions in a open forum build on mutual respect for others idea. This program teaches youth, civics and what they believe in and why.” – Alec Polansky

“Without YIG I do not think I would have ever realized my full potential as a peer leader. I will never be able to give back enough to the program in thanks for what it has given me.” –  Randall Moss

“YIG helped me grow – I found a place where I fit in, and where I could learn to be a better person. After four years in the program, YIG didn’t just change me – it saved me. I found the courage to speak up, and meet new people. It lit a fire in me, gave me a purpose in life. – Nathaniel Rossum

“Youth IN Government properly connotes the program’s true intentions and effects — allowing students to actively participate in government process.”  – Cynthia Beldner

“I can remember fondly my days in the Bowen Senate, learning the basics of parliamentary procedure and meeting so many new people from around the state who shared my interest in government, and my favorite part of YIG is that you really grow up together. As I look around and see so many of my first-year counterparts leading chapters and excelling on a statewide level, I realize that, together, our generation of YIG has learned democracy.”  – AJ Betts

“With all the service and activities that I had the opportunity to take part in, I have become a well rounded student, and colleges can see that! Thank you YIG for making my college application look AMAZING!” – Cayla Newman

“The program is not about kids and a governmental lesson or two, its about the youth taking part IN the governmental processes.”  – Erin Ritz

“Youth In Government has changed me as a person. I’ve come to realize that YIG isn’t just a program, it’s a lifestyle and family.”  – Neda Ahson

“When I look back on it, I think what I liked best about the whole thing was being able to wander around the capitol in a suit and feel important.”   -Elliot Hawkes

Have a thought or two to share with us about the impact of your YIG experience?  Send it to us!