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gradcapStudents who participate in Florida YMCA Youth In Government programming and attend State Assembly for at least two years may be entitled to waiver from any Speech or Oral Communication Competency required by a Florida college or university.

Satisfying this requirement can put you one step closer to graduation and save you from spending your time and money on an unnecessary class.

A few tips on getting your Speech or Oral Communication Competency Requirement waived:

  • Check with your university for the Speech or Oral Communication Competency requirement for your school.
  • Contact your Office of Undergraduate Studies for what documentation is necessary to satisfy the requirement.
  • Make sure you know:
    • To whom the documentation needs to be addressed
    • Where the documentation needs to be sent
    • How it must be delivered (mail, email, in person)
  • Contact the State Office with your request.  Make sure to include:
    • Your name
    • Your chapter
    • # of years in YIG
    • Which years you attended State Assembly
    • The information you have attained from your school about your waiver requirements

Please allow 4-6 weeks to have your request processed.