Campaign Ideas & Best Practices

black297Creating your Campaign Theme:  So you want to run for office?

Great campaigns start with intentional organization, from recruiting supporters to preparing materials to writing speeches. As you are deciding to run for office, you can be asking yourself some key questions – find out what those questions are and more here.


538fd99ac0826-imageEarning Votes: Who do you want to vote for you?

If you answered “everyone”, good! But let’s break that down into two groups: people you have a special connection with, and people you need to build a connection with. Voting can be predicted by the strongest positive connection with a candidate.


campaignstuffCampaign Materials: What do I spend my money on?

So, you’ve got a budget, and want to spend that money, right? The first thing to remember about anything you’re going to spend money on in a YIG campaign is that it’s a supplement to the campaign process. You can be elected without spending a dime, since you have a captive audience when you give your speech. For legislative offices, you’re in a room with everyone who is eligible to vote for you for two days before the voting occurs. Don’t depend on your stuff to be cooler than everyone else’s – that’s not enough to win.


414086_sk_mdSpeechwriting: How do you tell them to vote for you?

For voters who don’t go into an election with a connection to a particular candidate, speeches are often paramount in importance when making a decision on a race. They’ve shaken everyone’s hand, listened to opinions of peers, and still need to make up their minds.


to-doReady to run for office?

Good luck in your campaign! Youth In Government always supports positive campaigning, and, from the voter’s perspective, appreciates an open mind as constituents decide who to vote for.

Campaigning is about building positive personal connections with potential voters, so keep that goal in mind as you plan your run for office.

Here’s to a well run race!