Executive Cabinet Program

PO2The “E” team is made up of the Governor and Lt. Governor. They act as the leaders of the Presiding Officers as well as YIG’s programs. Their role is to assist all officers in the decision-making process when needed, before and during State Assembly.

It is the ultimate responsibility of the Governor is to act as the “Servant-Leader-in-Chief” and lead the Presiding Officer Corps to set the tone for the entire YIG program year.

Along with the input of Lt. Governor & elected Cabinet, the Governor must oversee and publish a legislative agenda.

The Governor”s Office must also oversee the functions of the Executive Cabinet and has the power to sign or veto all bills that come across his/her desk. The Lt. Governor assists the Governor at all times and acts as Governor in his/her absence.

Executive Cabinet

Along with the Governor and Lt. Governor, the YIG Executive Cabinet is made up of the Commissioner of Agriculture, the Attorney General, and the Chief Financial Officer. All of these positions are chosen (via popular election) during the previous year’s State Assembly. These three members of the Executive Cabinet also serve as members of the Presiding Officer Corps along with the Chief of Staff.

Along with the members listed above, the Cabinet also includes supporting officers: the Commissioner of Education, the Secretary of State, the State Surgeon General, the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, the Secretary of the Department of Juvenile Justice. These positions are filled through an application process, reviewed by the Lt. Governor and appointed by the Governor.

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