2nd-CommitteeEach Legislative chamber is divided into Committees, each of which deals with a particular type of bill.  These Committees are further divided into two subcommittees. You will be a member of one 1st Committee (Williams, Sullivan, and Bowen Chambers) and also of the larger committee 2nd Committee (Williams and Sullivan only) made up of multiple First Committees.


Williams, Sullivan, and Bowen* Chambers:
On the first night of State Assembly, you will meet first with your First Committee.

Here, you will hear and rank all of the bills, and have your first chance to present your own bill to fellow delegates. Your First Committee will have bills that have a very similar topic to your own, so this is where you’ll want to look for an opportunity to combine bills.

*Bowen Chambers will only have first committee hearings, which will meet for an extended period of time.

Williams and Sullivan Chambers only:

While results from First Committee are being counted, you’ll meet with lobbyists and other delegates. You can find a firm to lobby for your bill or gather support for your bill with other legislators. Results from First Committee will be posted during this time.

After finding out the top bills from each First Committee, you will meet with your Second Committee. You will only hear bills that were ranked well in the First Committee, so prepare for more in-depth examination of your bill here. You’ll also need to expect a larger group, as each Second Committee is made up of two First Committees. Ranking from Second Committee helps the Calendar Committee determine the docket.

Procedure for a Hearing on a Bill: (click here for a downloadable handout)

First Committee Second Committee
Author Presentation Author Presentation
Non-Debatable Technical Questions Non-Debatable Technical Questions
Author Summary Comments by Executive Cabinet or Director of Legislative Affairs
Bill Ranking Con/Pro Debate (1 full round)
Author Summary
Bill Ranking