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07207Noted as the fourth branch of government, the Press Corps provides the eyes and ears to the Assembly. Responsible for publishing multiple editions of CAPITOL BRIEFINGS as well as a slide show/video report, the collective journalistic team you are a part of will dictate the quality and content of the publications.

Members of the Press Corps have the unique ability to affect the outcome of legislation, uncover the secrets of certain participant’s success, and make real change to Youth In Government.  Delegates who have and interest and ability to observe, comment, and make an impact through words and pictures should seek membership in the Press Corps.

Successful Press Corps delegates approach this program area with the goal of empowering the reader to react and to initiate response. Making sure that they are anticipating not only what the reader’s next question might be, but also what their response and/or first action may be after reading/seeing our publications.

Just as legislators have the ability to debate the merits of certain policies on the floor of the House and Senate and attorneys in the courtroom, as a member of the Press Corps you have the entirety of your publications to comment on the issues being discussed at the State Assembly.  Additionally, as a Press delegate you will be expected to add to the debate about the responsibilities of a free press and the merits of the First Amendment.