2013 Presiding & Supporting Officers
Supporting Officers

Be part of the State Assembly Leadership Team!Supporting Officers are appointed to assist in making their particular program areas function. Under the direction of their Presiding Officers, the Supporting Officers are responsible for making certain that the State Assembly flows smoothly.

These officers are appointed by the Presiding Officer who leads that program area.  Applications are available to any delegate who meets the qualifications (a Sophomore in their 2nd program year) and are registered via the Deledex.

Delegates chosen to be a Supporting Officer will be expected to attend any applicable training, including the January Presiding & Supporting Officer Training, and carry out all duties of the office.


Executive Officers – appointed by the Governor with recommendations by the Lt. Governor
  • Secretary of the Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection
  • Commissioner of Education
  • Secretary of State
  • State Surgeon General

Judicial Officers – appointed by the Chief Justice

  • Associate Justices (up to 5)

Legislative Officers – appointed by the Legislative Presiding Officers

  • Committee Chairman (based on the number of committees, approx. 30)
  • Committee Clerks (based on the number of committees, approx. 4)
  • Legislative Whips (4)

Lobbyists, Director of Legislative Affairs – appointed by the Governor & Executive Cabinet

  • Director Of Legislative Affairs
    • Office of the Governor (up to 3)
    • Department of Financial Services
    • Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
    • Office of the Attorney General
    • Department of Education
    • Department of State
    • Department of Health
    • Department of Environmental Protection
    • Department of Juvenile Justice

Press Corps  – appointed by the Editor-in-Chief

  • Assistant Editor
  • Editorial Board (between 3-8)

Please note that to apply, you must be a registered member of YIG and the online Deledex.